Date Event Details
11/28/2023 06:00 PM - 08:00 PM CT
R. Layla Salek
NEW DATE! Tuesday, Nov 28
6 - 8pm CT
Potentially appropriate for 2 CEs*

Explore your relationship to the power of forgiveness, and to the healing that comes from connecting to a loving community.
11/30/2023 05:30 PM - 12/07/2023 07:00 PM CT
Lidia Ramirez
Two Thursdays, Nov 30 - Dec 7
5:30 - 7pm CT

Explore the basics of running a business as a psychotherapist: defining and learning what it takes to execute a business strategy, getting acquainted with basic financial controls, defining your market segment, promoting and marketing, and much more.
12/01/2023 06:00 PM - 12/02/2023 04:30 PM CT
Deborah Eden Tull
Friday, Dec 1
6 - 7:30pm CT
Saturday, Dec 2
10am - 4:30pm

How do we remember unity, peace, and collaboration when engaging with people who hold political, social, and religious views that are different from ours?
12/06/2023 12:00 PM - 01:00 PM CT
John Schuster
Wednesday, Dec 6
12 - 1pm CT

Explore how searching for and through ancestral memory can add depth and richness to the journey of aging.
12/07/2023 07:00 PM - 08:00 PM CT
Join us for a free Gallery Talk for the exhibit, Dyaspora, with artist, Mathieu JN Baptiste!
12/08/2023 09:00 AM - 12:15 PM CT
Sean Fitzpatrick and Samphire Savage
Friday, Dec 8
9am - 12:15pm CT
Potentially appropriate for 3 Ethics CEs

Explore how we can perceive, and welcome, the ghosts living in the bones of our profession, our communities, and our individual lives.
12/09/2023 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM CT
Felix Scardino
Saturday, Dec 9
9am - 5pm CT
Potentially appropriate for 7 CEs*

Learn to live on friendlier terms with the many parts of ourselves.
12/13/2023 06:30 PM - 08:00 PM CT
Liz Seitz
Wednesday, Dec 13
6:30 - 8pm CT
Potentially appropriate for 1.5 CEs*

Join us as we explore the connection between the ways we adapted to our childhood struggles and the complications in our adult relationships.
12/15/2023 09:00 AM - 04:00 PM CT
A Religion, Mental Health, and the Search for Meaning Conference

Jeanna Gomez, Michael Box, Karen Walrond, and Aproteem Choudhury
Location: The Council on Recovery
303 Jackson Hill Street, Houston, TX, 77007
Friday, December 15
9am - 4pm CT
Potentially appropriate for 6 CEs*

What possibilities can recovery from addiction or trauma open for us, and for those we care for?
12/20/2023 06:00 PM - 09:00 PM CT
Join us the week of the Winter Solstice for a meal, meditation, and joyful company to uplift the soul and enlighten the taste buds.

The Mind Body Spirit Institute partners once again with Chefs Karuna and Antonio of Karuna's Kitchen, along with Chef Alexa Hernandez at Christo Mio, to bring an Ayurvedic meal and education to feasters. Enjoy a five-course meal with botanical aperitifs and dessert included.

Reserve your seats for a night to remember! Receive a discount when you purchase a table for two or four.
02/27/2024 06:00 PM - 09:00 PM CT
Anne Lamott
Tuesday, February 27

Join us as Anne Lamott converts serious subjects into pure enchantment.
11/15/2023 05:30 PM - 12/06/2023 07:00 PM CT
Mansoor Abidi
Four Wednesdays, Nov 15 - Dec 6
5:30 - 7pm CT
Potentially appropriate for 6 CEs*

Explore alchemy as a historical model that can help us to observe the transformation of the human personality in practice.
10/30/2023 04:45 PM - 12/11/2023 06:00 PM CT
George Hu
Seven Mondays, Oct 30 - Dec 11
4:45 - 6pm CT

Meditate through movement using tai chi chuan, a Chinese exercise based on the yin/yang philosophy and practiced in slow, relaxed, continuous motion.
10/25/2023 06:00 PM - 12/06/2023 07:30 PM CT
Mark Ryan
Six Wednesdays, Oct 25 - Dec 6
6 - 7:30pm CT
(no class Nov 15)

What does it mean to be human, and how might our ideas of reality change if we take the stranger parts of life seriously?
09/20/2023 06:15 PM - 12/14/2023 01:45 PM CT
Alejandro Chaoul
miercoles, 20 sep, 6:15 - 7pm CT
miercoles, 25 oct, 1 - 1:45pm CT
jueves, 9 nov, 6:15 - 7pm CT
jueves, 14 dec, 1 - 1:45pm CT

Como parte de nuestros programas para la comunidad, incluiremos meditaciones en Español!
09/07/2023 05:00 PM - 12/14/2023 05:30 PM CT
Alejandro Chaoul, Ginger Clarkson, Ann Friedman, Stan Merrill, Claire Villarreal
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Join the community of The Jung Center's Mind, Body, Spirit Institute to recenter in the midst of your busy day, and learn and develop stress-busting tools for everyday life.
07/01/2023 - 06/30/2024
Private Sessions with Ann Friedman or Michele Pola
For individuals, couples, and families
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