The Jung Center Scholarship Application

Requirements for Application:

Alchemy and Jung (Online): Mansoor Abidi
An Ayurvedic Guide to a Warm Winter (In-Person, Off-Campus): Karuna Diedericks
An Evening of Tea Blending and Meditation (In-Person): Various
Armor up!: Improving Brain Health to Protect Yourself Against Dementia (Online): Kendra Anderson
Being Human and a Buddha Too (Hybrid): Anne Klein
Belonging: Embracing the Intricacy & Nuance of Our Personal and Collective Stories (In-Person): Marjorie Joseph Leanne Whitney
Between Nowhere and Somewhere (Online), Camilla R. Nielsen
Bringing Back the Gold through Mantra and Movement LECTURE (Online): Jennifer Embry Lauren Cook
Bringing Back the Gold through Mantra and Movement WORKSHOP (Online): Jennifer Embry Lauren Cook
Capturing Meaning through Video Storytelling (In-Person): Patricia Gras
Chinese Brush Painting: The Traditional Chinese Landscape (Online): Peihong Endris
Chaos in Color: R Layla Salek
Could It Be Trauma?: Supporting Kids on the Road to Recovery (In-Person): Ann Friedman Shawn Nemeth
Cultivating Joy: Teachings and Practices from 'The Book of Joy' (Hybrid): Ann Friedman
Decoding Dementia: Types, Risks, and the Power of Cognitive Examination (Online): Hannah Combs
Establishing or Growing a Private Practice (Online): Lidia Ramirez
Exploring Exile and Belonging with SoulCollage® (In-Person): Mary Moorhead
Exploring the Afternoon of Life: An Experiential Workshop (In-Person): Joyce Boatright Karleen Koen
Four Aspects of the Feminine: Mother, Hetaria, Amazon, Medial Woman (In-Person): Suzan Cotellesse
Getting to Know Your Inner Cast of Characters: Felix Scardino
Give Yourself a Hand: Michele Lees
Grief and Gratitude: Expressive Daily Practices (In-Person): Jodie Gonzalez Brooke Summers-Perry
Hamman Professional Wellness Ghosts in our Bones: A Magee Ethics Workshop (Hybrid): Sean Fitzpatrick
Home and Homelessness: Camilla Nielsen
Hope is on the Horizon: Challenges, Strategies, and Wisdom for Caregivers (In-Person or Online): Various
How Our Childhood Experiences Impact Our Adult Relationships (In-Person): Liz Seitz
Jeffrey Kripal’s 'The Superhumanities': A Book Study (Hybrid): Mark Ryan
Meditation Mini-Retreat (Hybrid): Alejandro Chaoul
Mindful Origami: November (In-Person): Rie Kojima Angeli
Mindful Origami: September (In-Person): Rie Kojima Angeli
Mindfulness Essentials for Stress Reduction (Online): Michele Pola
Mystical Humanism: Jeffrey Kripal So Far (Hybrid): Mark Ryan
Play, Meditation, and Meaning (In-Person): Alejandro Chaoul Ross Ellenhorn
Religion, Mental Health, and the Search for Meaning: TBD
Tai Chi Chuan for Health, Fall Course I (In-Person): George Hu
Tai Chi Chuan for Health, Fall Course II (In-Person): George Hu
The Entanglements of Identity: A Dual Analysis of The Red Shoes & The Emperor's New Clothes (Hybrid): José Leal
This Is Us, Houston: The Past, Present, and Future of a City (In-Person): Playback Houston Theatre
Unity: Deborah Eden Tull
Unlocking the Rib Cage – Opening the Heart: A Feldenkrais Mini-Retreat (In-Person): Gika Rector
Us & Them: When the Shadow Rules (Online): Don Streit
Vibrations of Transcendence: Orpheus, Music, and The Red Book (In-Person): Rodney Waters
Wagner's Parsifal: Jeremy Johnson and José Leal
What Matters Most: How Can We Be Free? (Hybrid): Sean Fitzpatrick
Words of the Work: A Survey of the Semantics of Social Justice (In-Person): Tracie Jae
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For more than sixty years, The Jung Center has served as a nonprofit forum for dynamic conversations on a diverse range of psychological, artistic, and spiritual topics. Our mission is to support the development of greater self-awareness, creative expression, and psychological insight—individually, in relationships, and within the community. The Jung Center provides pathways to find deeper meaning in everyday life.

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