Date Event Details
09/22/2023 01:00 PM - 04:30 PM CT
Don Streit
Friday, Sep 22
1 - 4:30pm CT
Potentially appropriate for 3.5 CEs*

Learn playful ways to recognize shadow characteristics in ourselves and discover how doing so can lead to a greater valuation of difference.
09/23/2023 09:00 AM - 04:00 PM CT
Suzan Cotellesse
Saturday, Sep 23
9am - 4pm CT
Potentially appropriate for 6 CEs*

Develop an understanding of and grounding in the energies that move through you as a woman, and explore how to use them in your world to create the life you want.
09/29/2023 06:00 PM - 08:00 PM CT
Jennifer Embry and Lauren Cook
Friday, Sep 29
6 - 8pm CT
Potentially appropriate for 2 CEs*

What might we need to let go of in order to listen more deeply to an often-quieter voice within?
09/30/2023 10:00 AM - 03:00 PM CT
Jennifer Embry and Lauren Cook
Saturday, Sep 30
10am - 3pm CT
Potentially appropriate for 4 CEs*

What might we need to let go of in order to listen more deeply to an often-quieter voice within?
10/05/2023 06:00 PM - 11/02/2023 08:00 PM CT
Sean Fitzpatrick
Four Thursdays, Oct 5 - Nov 2
(no class Oct 19)
6 - 8pm CT
Potentially appropriate for 8 CEs*

How can we free ourselves from the stories others have written for us and live a meaningful life?
10/07/2023 10:00 AM - 01:00 PM CT
A Hamman Professional Wellness Workshop

Rodney Waters
Saturday, Oct 7
10am - 1pm CT
Potentially appropriate for 3 CEs*

Explore the myth of Orpheus through the perspectives of music therapy, physics, neuroscience, and the Jungian concepts of the collective unconscious and the transcendent function.
10/13/2023 07:30 PM - 10/15/2023 01:30 PM CT
Marjorie Joseph and Leanne Whitney
Friday, Oct 13, 7:30 - 9:30pm CT
Saturday, Oct 14, 9am - 4pm
Sunday, Oct 15, 9am - 1:30pm

Through examining the foundational principles of Jungian psychology and affective neuroscience, exploratory creative writing, breathwork exercises, and other grounding tools and resources, we will discover our own narratives of true integration.
10/21/2023 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM CT
Camilla R. Nielsen
Saturday, Oct 21
10 - 11:30am CT
Potentially appropriate for 1.5 CEs*

Join us as we take a closer look at ‘homelessness’ as a psychological reality that can hold the potential for creativity and even transformation.
11/15/2023 05:30 PM - 12/06/2023 07:00 PM CT
Mansoor Abidi
Four Wednesdays, Nov 15 - Dec 6
5:30 - 7pm CT
Potentially appropriate for 6 CEs*

Explore alchemy as a historical model that can help us to observe the transformation of the human personality in practice.
11/17/2023 05:00 PM - 11/19/2023 01:00 PM CT
Fanny Brewster
Friday, Nov 17, 5 - 7pm CT
Saturday, Nov 18, 9am - 1pm
Sunday, Nov 19, 9am - 1pm
Potentially appropriate for 10 CEs*

Explore America's self-reflecting consciousness through an investigation of cultural complexes, archetypes, and societal issues regarding raciality and racism.
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