Journey Into Wholeness Oct. 1984 Conference-audio

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This "Journey Into Wholeness" conference from October 1984 features the following lectures, instant access by MP3 download:

John Sanford: The Power in Stories

                     From Prison to Prime Minister

                     Miscellaneous Lecture


These lectures were originally recorded to cassette and have been digitized. The audio quality may be lowered, but we have ensured that the lectures are completely audible.

"Journey Into Wholeness" is more than lectures. It is a sacred gathering that feeds the soul and enlivens the spirit. It is a community of individuals on their own paths of greater consciousness who come together to interact on a profoundly meaningful level of discourse and experience in a space enveloped by ritual and ceremony. It is a community where questions are welcomed and where the questions are danced. It is a community where diversity is celebrated. It is a community that endeavors to reach down to the depths and up to the heights to understand and to live into becoming the persons we were created to be as individuals and as the people of the Mystery, the One of Many Names, and to live into a full relationship with all of creation. "Journey Into Wholeness" (formerly based out of North Carolina) sponsored multiple conferences a year from 1978 to 2006, exploring ourselves and our world through the psychology of C.G. Jung.

John Sanford
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For more than sixty years, The Jung Center has served as a nonprofit forum for dynamic conversations on a diverse range of psychological, artistic, and spiritual topics. Our mission is to support the development of greater self-awareness, creative expression, and psychological insight—individually, in relationships, and within the community. The Jung Center provides pathways to find deeper meaning in everyday life.

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