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We live in times of uncertainty and anxiety. In these times, how can we best navigate our unknowns? Our Uncertain World answers that question through a Jungian prism. Carl Jung's theory has helped many people through difficult times. Jungian perspectives facilitate such challenging navigation by not simplifying complexity but rather by finding the meaningful through-lines that guide the individual toward individuation even in the darkest of times. Using Jung's unique multi-dimensional approach, this book offers insights and provides answers to questions about life in a state of three-dimensional flux.

Our Uncertain World was born from the premise that we are in a period of ongoing change. The interlocking crises of COVID, national polarization, environmental disaster, and international war can undermine or even destroy the symbols, rituals, and mental structures that give meaning and coherence to our lives. These crises are explored in depth In the book's three sections, Living with Personal Uncertainty over the Long Term, Social Turmoil: A Moment of Social change for Our Community and Our Nation, and Challenges Facing Our World: Grappling with the Environment, The Pandemic and War.

The authors of this book accompany the reader through the current challenges we face and examine new ways of adjusting to the existing condition of protracted uncertainty. The book encourages the reader to articulate their own challenges and develop their own language to write, speak, and live within the reality of uncertain times. Our Uncertain World provides tools for individuals and groups to formulate new perspectives and life strategies for the current reality.

Table of Contents

  • Foreword - John Beebe
  • Introduction: We Live in Challenging Times - Leslie Sawin
  • Uncertainty: Is It a Gift? - Ann Ulanov
  • Part 1: Living with Personal Uncertainty over the Long Term
  • Introduction
  • Spirit of the Depths, Spirit of the Times - Margaret Klenck
  • Uncertainty and Healing in the Archetypal End-times - Morgan Stebbins
  • The Faith of the Analyst During Climates of Uncertainty - Murray Stein
  • Part 2: Social Turmoil: A Moment of Social Change for Our Community and Our Nation
  • Introduction
  • Inner and Outer Democracy and the threat of Authoritarianism: Reflections on Psychological Factors at Play in our Polarized World - Donald Kalsched
  • Thorns in the Spirit: Trauma and the Uncertain Personal Work of Racial Justice - Sean Fitzpatrick
  • Psychological Responses to Uncertainty in the Individual and Group Psyche - Thomas Singer
  • Part 3: Challenges Facing Our World: Grappling with the Environment, the Pandemic, and War
  • Introduction
  • The Nature of Uncertainty/The Uncertainty of Nature - Jeffrey T. Kiehl
  • The Three Horsemen of the Apocalypse of Our Time - Jan Bauer
  • Reconsidering Individuation in the 21st Century: When Archetypal Patterns Shift - Joe Cambray
  • Moving Forward - Joe Cambray
  • Author Biographies

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