An Introduction to Initiating Dream Circles (Online)


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Jennifer Embry
Thursday, July 11
6 - 7:30pm CT
Potentially appropriate for 1.5 CEs*

Deepen your understanding of what makes a dream group "Jungian," and how a shared language can enhance cohesion.


Jungian-based dream circles hold a unique container for archetypal material to emerge from the unconscious through sound, image, and complexes. However, the at-times unruly and suggestive power of this material requires a safe and practiced temenos – a sacred space of radical containment – to be demonstrated and modeled by the facilitator of the dream circle.  When dreams are caught, held, and shared with other souls, they can change attitudes, perspectives, and lived experience, both individually and communally.  C.G. Jung demonstrated guidelines for this layered and mysterious psychic unfolding.  How can we create a collective dream experience that stays true to Jung's knowing?  In the upcoming fall semester, Jungian analyst Jennifer Embry will facilitate the first part of a two-part zoom training for licensed therapists, individuals in long-term Jungian study, or those whose vocation brings them into the proximity of the unconscious and the archetypal field (yogis, body-workers, breath-workers, artists, and astrologers, to name a few) who wish to facilitate their own dream circles through Jung’s words and concepts.  Do you want to create a deep, symbolic exploration that initiates insight and greater understanding of our common humanity and our spiritual essence, all while forming honest, open-hearted communities?  If you are interested, bring your curiosity and come join us for a taste of the nectar in this introductory lecture!

Jennifer Embry (Jungian analyst, MA) is a Zurich-trained Jungian analyst in private practice and is intrigued by the intersecting spaces of the body and the psyche – that space occupied by dreams, astrology, film, theater, nature, music, and sound. Jennifer delights in making room for the combination of play, inquiry, and knowing in order to manifest our truest desires, and is a lifelong student of this alchemical experiment we call being human on this planet.

This program is being offered ONLINE only.  Recordings will be distributed to registered participants only, and will not be available for individual purchase.

All times are CT. Please contact with any questions.

Please register early. Programs with four or fewer participants are subject to cancellation, 48 hours prior to their start.

*The Texas Behavioral Health Executive Council (TBHEC) has stopped pre-certifying ANY Continuing Education or Professional Development for mental health providers.  The Jung Center cannot guarantee that the programs we provide will qualify for continuing education or Professional Development, nor can any other agency.  The Jung Center uses high educational standards when selecting to designate events as "potentially appropriate for CEs", and in evaluating the outcomes of our educational services, and we believe them to meet the requirements of state licensing bodies.  To find out more about the TBHEC changes to Continuing Education and Professional Development, click here.

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