Older, Wiser, Sexually Smarter (Hybrid)


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Jim Benton
Four Fridays, Jun 28 - Jul 26
2:30 - 4pm CT
(no class Jul 12)

Have fun as we examine and question assumptions and stereotypes about the sexuality of people in mid and later life.


Join us for an in-depth discussion of the idea of "sexual scripts" – ideals we learn in our formative years that not only instruct each of us how to think and feel about sex, but also condition how we act and identify as sexual beings. Many life changes – the loss of a partner through death or divorce, the experience of a major illness, encountering different attitudes towards sexuality held by our children (or even grandchildren) – can call us to identify, challenge, and transform these sexual scripts. Through reflecting on our own narratives, encountering perspectives on sexuality throughout the ages, questioning what is meant by “good sex,” and exploring the sorts of sexual decisions contemplated by those over 50, we’ll have fun as we examine and question assumptions and stereotypes about the sexuality of people in mid and later life.

Jim Benton is a Certified Clinical Sexologist and Sex Coach, and a member of the American Board of Sexologists. In those contexts, he is passionate about understanding and serving individuals in their search for sexual fulfillment, regardless of what that might look like. Based in Houston, TX, Jim's practice focuses on reflecting on and challenging our attitudes and beliefs about sex, sexuality, gender, pleasure, sexual expression, and how today’s political world affects sex and the human animal.

This program is being offered both IN-PERSON and ONLINE. Please select how you will attend when registering. Recordings will be distributed to registered participants only, and will not be available for individual purchase.

All times are CT. Please contact onlinelearning@junghouston.org with any questions.

Please register early. Programs with four or fewer participants are subject to cancellation, 48 hours prior to their start.

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