Getting to Know Your Inner Cast of Characters (In-Person)


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Felix Scardino
Saturday, Dec 9
9am - 5pm CT
Potentially appropriate for 7 CEs*

Learn to live on friendlier terms with the many parts of ourselves.


We like to think of ourselves as purposeful, decisive, and resolute. So when we find ourselves uncertain, confused, and befuddled, it deflates us. Underlying this experience is a futile struggle to become the single-minded people we imagine ourselves to be. But we are more complex, and interesting, than single-minded. Symbolic characters live within us who are at once adults and children, men and women, wise people and fools. They are the mother and father, the doctor and patient, the hermit and party-goer, the saint and ruthless criminal. Everyone in our life drama holds part of the truth.

This workshop will help you live on friendlier terms with those characters. We'll distinguish their creative aspects from their destructive aspects, shed light on unexplained fears, and bring clarity to your life's direction. Bring a writing journal, a comfortable pen, and a playful attitude. The workshop is an expansion of part of Felix's book, The Pebble and the Canyon: Reflections on Composing Your Life.

This program is being offered IN-PERSON, and will not be recorded.

All times are CT. Please contact with any questions.

Please register early. Programs with four or fewer participants are subject to cancellation, 48 hours prior to their start.

*The Texas Behavioral Health Executive Council (TBHEC) has stopped pre-certifying ANY Continuing Education or Professional Development for mental health providers.  The Jung Center cannot guarantee that the programs we provide will qualify for Continuing Education or Professional Development, nor can any other agency.  The Jung Center uses high educational standards when selecting to designate events as "potentially appropriate for CEs", and in evaluating the outcomes of our educational services, and we believe them to meet the requirements of state licensing bodies.  To find out more about the TBHEC changes to Continuing Education and Professional Development, click here.

Felix Scardino, LCSW, has practiced as a psychotherapist in Houston for forty years. At the Stehlin Foundation for Cancer Research he worked intensively with cancer patients and was a coinvestigator in a study exploring the effects of relaxation and mental imagery on the immune system.

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