How Our Childhood Experiences Impact Our Adult Relationships (In-Person)


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Liz Seitz
Wednesday, Dec 13
6:30 - 8pm CT
Potentially appropriate for 1.5 CEs*

Join us as we explore the connection between the ways we adapted to our childhood struggles and the complications in our adult relationships.


Join us as we explore the connection between the ways we adapted to our childhood struggles and the complications in our adult relationships. In this discussion of Attachment Theory, we’ll discover how our “attachment styles” become the blueprint for our future romantic partnerships. We will learn how our early childhood experiences – including messages we internalized from our parents and other sources – lead to many of our blind spots when we settle into deeper connections with others. Discover how partners unintentionally and unknowingly recreate painfully familiar experiences for one another, and learn ways that they can repair the hurt.

This program is being offered IN-PERSON, and will NOT be recorded.

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*The Texas Behavioral Health Executive Council (TBHEC) has stopped pre-certifying ANY Continuing Education or Professional Development for mental health providers.  The Jung Center cannot guarantee that the programs we provide will qualify for continuing education or Professional Development, nor can any other agency.  The Jung Center uses high educational standards when selecting to designate events as "potentially appropriate for CEs", and in evaluating the outcomes of our educational services, and we believe them to meet the requirements of state licensing bodies.  To find out more about the TBHEC changes to Continuing Education and Professional Development, click here.

Liz Seitz, LMSW-ACP, LMFT, is a psychotherapist/marriage therapist in private practice. For over 30 years, Liz has been helping people identify what is holding them back from being their most happy, healthy, and authentic selves so they can live fuller and more meaningful lives. She loves helping couples find their way back to one another and create a relationship that is more loving, passionate and sustainable or, when necessary, to release each other in the most respectful and graceful way they can. Liz has a passion for music and singing and tries to incorporate that into her workshops whenever possible.


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