Mystical Humanism: Jeffrey Kripal So Far (Hybrid)


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Mark Ryan
Wednesday, October 25
6 - 7:30pm CT

Trace the evolution of "mystical humanism” in the works of Dr. Jeffrey Kripal, from his earliest writings to his most recent publications.


In his remarkably prolific career, Rice University professor of religion Jeffrey Kripal has challenged the most fundamental assumptions of the academic – and indeed, the Western intellectual – world view. Examining the “impossible” anomalies of our mental life – paranormal events and perceptions that are inexplicable according to the dominant materialistic paradigm – Kripal speculates on how they might alter our outlook on religious traditions and, even more profoundly, on the nature of mind, consciousness, and reality itself. This lecture will trace the evolution of Kripal’s “mystical humanism,” as he calls his philosophical stance, from his earliest writings to his most recent publications.

Offered as a separate presentation, this lecture also forms the first session of the six-week course, “Jeffrey Kripal’s The Superhumanities: A Book Study”

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Mark Ryan holds a Ph.D. from Yale University, where for 21 years he was on the faculty in American Studies and a dean of students. Subsequently, he was Professor, Dean of the Colleges, and a Director of Graduate Studies at the Universidad de las Américas, Puebla in Mexico. His writings include A Different Dimension: Reflections on the History of Transpersonal Thought and articles in the Journal of Transpersonal Psychology.


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