Words of the Work: A Survey of the Semantics of Social Justice (In-Person)


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Tracie Jae
Five Wednesdays, Sep 20 - Oct 18
6 - 7:30pm CT

Explore the origin, evolution, and contemporary use of five phrases related to the social justice and racial equity movement.


Words have histories, and they are also dangerous. In some cases, they can be so dangerous that their history is also a story of how their meaning has been manipulated or even hidden by those in positions of power. Join us for this examination of the language related to the social justice and racial equity movement, and think critically about how we came to use certain words, how we currently use them, and whether or not other words might be more effective. Together we will explore the origin, evolution, and contemporary use of five phrases – affirmative action, critical race theory, reparations, gentrification, and redlining – and uncover how we relate to the social issues that these phrases address. Participants are invited to bring their own research, their deeply held beliefs, and their lived experiences, to contribute to the conversation.

This program is being offered IN-PERSON, and will NOT be recorded.

All times are CT. Please contact onlinelearning@junghouston.org with any questions.

Please register early. Programs with four or fewer participants are subject to cancellation, 48 hours prior to their start.

In business and in life, Tracie Jae is The Quiet Rebel. Her work in the world is creating incremental and organic shifts to the status quo using conversations as instruments of change. Whether working with individuals, communities or organizations, she creates space to ensure that voices are heard and thoughts are respected. Her proprietary framework – HUMAN Centered EquityTM – offers a practical approach to increasing our equity footprint. Tracie holds a BA in Business Management, and an MA in Strategic Communication and Leadership. Now that her three daughters have matured to adulthood, she delights in hot coffee, bubble meditation, and any opportunity to #feedthehappy.


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